Snorkeling and Diving

With the plentiful fish, and reefs around every corner, there's plenty to see. Coffee Bay comes with great spots that provide ocean delights.

While there is no true SCUBA tank operations in the area, snorkeling and free diving are an adventure favorite. With the plentiful fish, and reefs around every corner, there’s plenty to see. Coffee Bay comes with plenty of perks, but for the avid divers and surfers the most important is the safety of the water in this area. Whether diving or surfing, Coffee Bay is the place to be.

Free Diving Coffee Bay

Free diving is great off Coffee Bay point which is the rock formation on the southern tip of the main Coffee Bay beach. Just around the hill is a great gully for access that makes it easy to maneuver the dangers of these waters. Mapuzi, just north of Coffee Bay, is also well known for its crystal clear water and reefs that make diving optimum.

Spear fishing is also very popular amongst adventurists visiting the Wild Coast. There are several reef fish in the area that do not eat bait. While rod and reel fishing can be quite fruitful, spear fishing in this area is even better. Along with the masses of coveted Crayfish, these waters are full of life! For the fish lover, this is a great way to catch dinner and have a fresh fish braai, right here in Coffee Bay.

While, the reefs and vast amounts of fish make diving in the Transkei perfect, there is always the weather and unfortunately this activity is weather dependent. Pay attention to the tides, rainfall, and wind direction to optimize your diving experience! Free Diving Coffee BaySpearing trips with local guides are quite the attraction. Dive, surf, and braai, a great way to experience the water here in Coffee Bay.

A love for seafood, is a love for the water and what it gives us!