Hole in the Wall

What does Hole in the Wall have to offer?

Hole In The Wall Hotel
Hole in the Wall | Accommodation

Situated in Coffee Bay, the resort overlooks the iconic landmark of Hole in the Wall.

Hole in the Wall | Accommodation

Secluded beach frontage with wonderful views and a private and secure garden.

Guided Hiking Tour
Hole in the Wall | Activity

Join Certified Guide Prince as he guides you from Hole in the Wall to Coffee Bay or back

Black Rock Accommodation
Hole in the Wall| Accommodation

We are 1km away from Hole in the Wall resort and right on the beach and 8km from Coffee Bay central.

About Hole in the Wall

The legend of Hole in the Wall is a story passed down through generations. It says that the Mpako River that runs through Hole in the Wall once formed a landlocked lagoon. Its access to the sea was blocked off by a rock formation.

A beautiful girl lived in the villages near the lagoon and was one day seen by one of the sea people, who was overcome by her beauty and tried to win her affection. The sea people were semi deities who looked like humans but had small wrists and ankles with flipper like hands and feet. When the girls father heard of the news, he forbade her to see her lover. In desperation to be with the village girl, the sea people enlisted the help of a large fish to ram a hole through the rock that blocked him from her. As the sea people swam into the lagoon they sang and shouted so the Xhosa people would hide in fear. They did just this and the sea people swept the village girl away to be reunited with her lover in the sea.

It is said that at certain times of the year you can still hear the singing of the sea people.

Hole in the Wall is 9kms south of Coffee Bay, and has it all. From beaches, to forests, hiking, restaurants, and accommodations. It’s a great place to spend the day, or even a few.

Hiking to Hole in the Wall is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. The peacefulness of it all, and the breathtaking views makes you pinch yourself to be sure it’s real. When land and water come together in the most unique ways you can’t help but stare and never want to stop. The power of the ocean rushing through the hole, the sound it makes, will echo in your ears. It’s the most spectacular way for forest to meet ocean, so many environments in one majestic place.

Thinking of Hiking to Hole in the Wall

The most notorious hike in Coffee Bay is the Hole in the Wall hike. Always a highlight for visitors in the area, the 3 hour hike leads you to a phenomenal rock formation out in the ocean, with well, a hole through the middle where the Mpako River passes through. The roaring sound of the ocean through this hole gives rise to it’s Xhosa name ‘esikhaleni’, place of sound. This hike traverses through running rivers, colorful villages, locals diving for crayfish, and sometimes you can even spot dolphins feeding or whales migrating.

This 9km hike shows you some of the most beautiful landscape the Wild Coast has to offer. The hike does scale up and down mountains so make sure to wear proper shoes, and don’t forget the sunscreen. The hike is also suitable for children, which makes it a great day trip for families. Go for a swim, relax under the trees, and take in the scenery. The Wild Coast’s temperate climate makes hiking a year-round joy.

Afterwards, if you haven’t had enough you can always hike back to Coffee Bay or take a shuttle back to your car.

Please we recommend you use a Certified Guide to avoid any problems you might encounter along the way. Some eager locals that will try and sell you there wares and services and for some this itself is intimidating, so just use a guide.