Village Tours

An authentic experience in Coffee Bay

The Xhosa people living in the Transkei still abide by old Xhosa traditions and have a very traditional lifestyle. The village tours are a great choice for the most educational of hikes. A guide will lead you directly into the villages surrounding Coffee Bay in order to gain an insight into their culture and way of living.Village tours Coffee Bay

The hike can be catered to your wants and needs. It can be an hour, or several depending on your curiosity levels.

You will visit a local school to learn about the education system here in the Transkei. For most of the guides, they include this segment to bring attention to the problems facing young generations of Xhosa people. Village tours Coffee BayThen a visit to a local family, to see how they live, and to prepare local beer and food with the mammas. Afterwards a trip to the sacred pools is an option. The sacred pools are a special place in the forest along the river in which traditional healers, or Sangomas perform their rituals and locals come to worship.

Be sure to ask about local weddings! They are quite common in the area and are open to for tourists to attend with one of our guides.

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