Surfing the Wild Coast, Wild Waves

Surfing the Wild Coast is one of the most popular and favorite activities amongst tourists. Coffee Bay is known for being a consistent spot for catching some good waves. While surfing is a year round activity along the Wild Coast, winter is prime time. Starting in April, 7 different point breaks come to life with the first winter swell. The months following, June, July, and August are peak months for good surf. Then it starts to die off in September. The summer months are hit or miss for good waves because most of the sand at these points get lost to the rain.

Coffee Bay beach break is the perfect spot for beginners to try and learn. While the point on one end of the beach is great for intermediate surfers to try and work on their control and skill level. Once comfortable, around the corner is Bomvu beach. Which is known for having good waves on certain days and tides. For a longer drive– Mdumbi beach is known for great surf, and is preferred by the pros of Coffee Bay.

Surfing Coffee Bay

Surf lessons and tours are available at a few backpackers in the area. Surf lessons are a great way to learn the technique and the water, taught by local shredders, you’re sure to catch on. For those avid surfers that are daring, the surf tours will take you to world class secret spots, off the beaten path with waves that will blow your mind. One of the best attributes of surfing these areas is the secluded, pristine perfection. You can surf these world class waves with just you and your mates.

Surfing Coffee Bay

Join us for a day of surfing in Coffee Bay, whether a beginner or a pro, there’s an option for you!

For board rentals and lessons:

Sugarloaf Backpackers (Coffee Bay), Mapuzi surf lodge (Mapuzi), Freedom O Clock (Mdumbi), Mdumbi Backpackers (Mdumbi)