Port St. Johns

Trail between Port St. Johns and Coffee Bay

The 4-5 day, 60km hike from Port St. Johns to Coffee Bay exposes you to the diverse and unique landscape the Wild Coast has to offer. From grassy hills to rocky shores and sandy beaches, mangrove estuaries, nature reserves, and rural villages, this hike has it all.

During the hike you can decide on what experience best suits you from cultural to intimate. You can stay in local village home stays, private holiday cottages, lively backpackers, or a combination of them all. Dinner and breakfast are provided at the village home stays, self-catering or house meals at the backpackers and cottages. Shuttles are available to your vehicle or baz-bus stops, to take care of all your needs along the way.

Experiencing some of the most impressive natural untouched terrain, you will scale steep green hills and test your limits. Some of the sights include the sandstone cliffs of Port St. Johns, Brazen Head headland, the notorious Hole in the Wall that was named ‘esiKhalen’, by the local Xhosas meaning place of sound, and the pristine beaches of Mpande and Mdumbi, which was voted in the top three of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches, as well as being a known surfing hotspot.

The Spring and Autumn are normally a combination between the Summer rainfall months, usually just quick thunderstorms or even slight afternoon drizzles, and the sunny mild days and low chances of rainfall during Winter. It is the temperate climate of the Wild Coast that makes it a fantastic hiking destination year round.

Hike Coffee Bay!