Just a short distance from Coffee Bay...

Mapuzi Is one of the most beautiful and secluded spots in the area and only 2.5kms north of town. Coffee Bay isn’t a big city but sometimes the hustle and bustle of the locals can make you feel over crowded on some beaches. Mapuzi is your own playground, your own space and it’s quite rare to have to share.

Mapuzi is situated at the river mouth and contains crystal clear water perfect for a swim. Follow the river mouth out to a large rock formation that has fantastic spear fishing and free diving, making dinner much easier to find. Rod and reel fishing is also very popular in that area, you can see locals walking along the cliffs towards the famous Mapuzi hill when the tides are getting just right. Fishing Mapuzi

Mapuzi HillMapuzi hill is a peninsular land mass that stretches off the rocky cliffs to form a very recognizable hill. This hill is visible from some spots in Coffee Bay and is very known for it’s shape. It is also well known for creating a divide in the break that creates some good waves. It’s not common to run into anyone else, but if you do they will be a local, there to catch — fish or waves.Mapuzi Caves

Mapuzi is simply untouched perfection, and only being a short distance from Coffee Bay, there’s no reason not to experience it. You can hike to Mapuzi two seperate ways from Coffee Bay. One is to walk along the rocky coastline all the way, but only when the tides are right. The second option is up top, all along the rugged cliffs and rolling hills  with beautiful scenic views the entire journey. Driving is possible but again best accessed with a 4×4. There is only one or two accommodations, but it’s close nature makes it a great day adventure too!

Once you’re there, relax and enjoy the scenery or follow the edges to Mapuzi cliffs, where you can find a cave with a hidden natural Jacuzzi. For those more daring, the Mapuzi cliffs are also perfect for jumping, with the highest being 14 meters! Around every corner there are secrets to be found, whether another cave, a rock pool, or a cliff for jumping! Mapuzi is full of adventure, full of history and hidden gems, it all adds to the magic and is a must during your time on the Wild Coast.



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