Coffee Bay

A South African Gem

Undeniably one of the best features about Coffee Bay is its relaxed atmosphere. Here, there is no such thing other than ‘casual’ living. Comfortable beachwear is the order for day and night. Coffee Bay attracts people from all over the world, being especially popular amongst backpackers from abroad. The area and community provide an experience in itself with an alternative lifestyle and an authentic taste for rural South Africa. Walking through the streets, whether you run into the local bead ladies, locals herding cattle, or the people on holiday, you will always be greeted with a wave and a smile. When you’re in a place like this, there’s no reason not to smile. As long as you’re in Coffee Bay, life is good.Coffee Bay Beauty

Coffee Bay Beach

Coffee Bay is known for its spectacular surroundings — rock-faced cliffs, rolling hills, and beautiful white sand beaches. The town overlooks a kilometer long beach perfect for surfing, swimming, and sunbathing. The rocky area off the beach’s southern point is home to one of the few consistent surf spots on the Wild Coast. This rock formation is also responsible for some great fishing, feeding the locals and tourists alike. Along the beach you can also find crisscrossed trails that lead to beautiful scenic views through the local villages. You can hike over one of the 3 rivers that empty into the sea of Coffee Bay. You can find secluded beaches along the coastline, or beautiful views up in the hills. Either way, Coffee Bay is not short on it’s hiking adventures. Beyond surfing, fishing, and hiking, the area also offers Quad rides, massages, live music, great food and drinks, you name it!
The area got it’s name from a barge that crashed and dumped coffee beans into the bay. These same coffee beans washed up on the shore and germinated, growing coffee trees in the area. Although there are none of these trees left, the name has such stuck. Speak to a local, the history of this area is quite a story and they would love to share! This is a one of a kind place, that will grab your spirit and soul and not let go. Coffee Bay is one of only two Transkei towns that have a tarred road all the way to its doorstep, making it a do not miss on your travels. For more information on the locals  of the area visit our : The Xhosa Culture page, and to learn the language!
Coffee Bay livestock

Welcome to Coffee Bay — Wild Coast, South Africa

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