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Village Cafe Coffee Bay

Local hangout, restaurant, and apparel shop. Village Café has it all. A local by the name of Jimmy has been a long time Coffee Bay business owner. The Café offers some of the best toasties you can find, and for the best prices. Coffee, tea, juices, homemade breads, and traditional meals are also on the menu at Village Café. Right in the heart of Coffee Bay, it makes for a great lunch spot or even a cup of tea.

Village Cafe Coffee Bay

Jimmy created his own brand, Afritude. He has shirts, stickers, and other products all for sale with his creative logos and play on words. His printing shop can also make your own custom shirts as souvenirs! It doesn’t stop at printing; the shop also offers handmade dresses, garment repair, and alterations.

One of Coffee Bay’s longest running shops; Jambok, has also relocated to Village Café. This shop  features handy souvenirs and handmade embroidery as well. This shop is great for tourists looking for an awesome memento or a delicious meal, but also locals living in the community. Come join Jimmy and his family at Village Café, they are some of Coffee Bay’s best.