You must be careful in the water everywhere in South Africa. Rip tides and currents are very real. When caught in one, just keep in mind not to swim directly against it. Swim parallel to the beach until out of the rip, and swim in a diagonal direction until you reach the shore.

No. However, you can get cash back from the Bomvu River Store for a 5% charge, or Red Blanket Roots for 10%.

There is no true SCUBA rentals or store in Coffee Bay. Here the diving is done mostly with the power of the human lungs. Check out our adventure page for contact information of some local guides that can take you to some great snorkeling and free diving spots along the coast.

There is a local in Coffee Bay that does horse back riding on the beach. Check our adventures page for more and contact information.

The Coffee Bay campsite, Sugarloaf backpackers, and a few other places in the area will sell you bags of ice. Just enquire with your
accommodation first, they may also have their own.

One of the beauties of Coffee Bay is the amount of fresh seafood everywhere. The restaurants in the area buy their seafood straight off the locals. If any of them don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to ask a local walking around. Depending on season you can get pretty much anything here. Crayfish, mussels, oysters, and fish galore!

Most backpackers in the area have their own braai area for their guests to use and normally dont allow non-guests to use it. There are exceptions to this however. For instance, Sugarloaf backpackers allows use of thier braai facilities with the purchase of drinks from their bar.

There are plenty of backpackers in the area with full bars, as well as shebeens. There is also a bottle store at the Ngcwanguba shopping center.

It is allowed, but we do not recommend it. The area of Coffee Bay is a safe place in the day, however camping on the beach at night comes with its risks.

It is against the law to start a fire on the beaches in the area. There are designated spots that are allowed, so just be sure to check with a local to find out where.

Mapuzi is only 2.5kms north of Coffee Bay. There are a couple turn-offs if driving so it is best to ask directions from a local before embarking. Hiking is also an option, and there are plenty of guides for hire. Enquire with your accomodation, check out our featured hiking page, or feel free to email us.

There are tires sold at Ncwanguba, the areas major shops. Towing is available, as well as mechanical work. Seek assistance from any of the accommodations in the area, as they will have the contact information.

Shakeel is a local mechanic and can fix anything you may need: Number – (076)055-8797

There is a fuel station at Ncwanguba Store that carries both petrol and diesel. It is about 20kms from Coffee Bay.

The shops in Coffee Bay only stock basic essentials for the most part. You can find basics like pasta, sauces, flour, bread, eggs, and basic toiletries as well. There are several small shops or a slightly larger one called Bomvu River Store with plenty of snacks, canned foods, cool drinks, and other sundries. There is a major store as you come into Coffee Bay that sells everything else that you can not find in Coffee Bay. We recommend doing your shopping there as you come into Coffee Bay.

There are a couple of ways to travel to Hole in the Wall. You can hike, ride quads, or drive. Coffee Bay’s accommodations are stacked with experienced and knowledgeable guides to hike the distance with you. On our adventures page you can find the contact information for these guides, as well as the quad tours. The drive is quite bumpy and is best done in a 4×4 vehicle. It can be accessed without one but can be risky. As far as directions go there are signs all along the road for you to follow, and since the hike is done mostly not near the road, it is best to hire a guide.

The main road to Coffee Bay from the N2 is completely tarred. There are plenty of potholes and animals in the road along the way that make driving at night very dangerous and not recommended. Once in Coffee Bay there are other roads that lead you to Hole in the Wall and Mapuzi but are best accesed by a 4×4 vehicle.