Coffee Bay Beach and River Mouth

Coffee Bay Beach and the Nenga River Mouth are a refreshing reminder of all the coastline has to offer, stretching from the Nenga Mouth all the way down to black-faced cliffs and rolling hills. Being the main beach in Coffee Bay and the location of some of the best fishing and surfing, there can be lots of activity going on. Rocks line both ends of the beach that are well known for their fishing, especially during the Sardine that happens right off Coffee Bays coast during the winter. But, Coffee Bay is just that perfect, and fishing is great year-round so you can always spot a local reeling in a heavy Kob. These rocks arent just known for thier rod and reel capabilities, but also free-diving for Crayfish and spear-fishing for Zebra’s, Garrick, and many more. Make sure to drop a line or hop on in while you’re here, theres nothing like fresh fish for dinner.
The rocks are responsible for more than just the great fishing off this beach, but also the surf. The rock mass at the south end of the beach creates several point breaks off this beach. The waves are another year round bonus to Coffee Bay’s allure, but they definately come more alive in the winter months as well. This beach is perfect for surfers of all levels. The point breaks produce the swell for the pros, but also the foamies for the beginners. There are plenty of local surfers with extreme talent who would love to teach those beginners! But, no matter your talent join us for a paddle, it’s part of the refreshing beauty.
Coffee Bay locals just love soccer. Which may seem odd being in South Africa, a land of Rugby but there’s not been a day thats gone by that a game hasn’t broken out on Coffee Bay Beach. Sometimes there will even be several games at once on the beach or even on the fields just off the beach. Beach soccer isn’t the easiest of sports but is great fun, and a great chance to get to know some of the locals as they would always love for you to join!
One of the most memorable and genuine things about this area is the free roaming livestock. One day you can be sun bathing with the cows, or the horses. It sure makes this beach special compared to many other beautiful places along this coastline. Even walking through the streets of Coffee Bay you can be walking alongside cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, or chickens– all coexisting and inhabiting this community.
Coffee Bay Beach is very spacious and perfect for a day of lounging, or exploring. On the south end of the beach is Sugarloaf Hill with a path leading to the top and through the trees. Whether on the north side or south side of the tree line, the views are breathtaking and very worth the trek up the hill. And at the north end of the beach, is the beginning of the Mapuzi caves and cliffs hike. You can be daring and plan with the tides to do this hike along the rocky coast, or head up the hill just off the beach to have the scenic views from the cliffside. This hike is about 2.5kms and is a great way to spend the day, cliff jumping or exploring the caves. If you’re not into the journey but still want to check out caves in the area, youre in luck. There is one just before the hike begins. You can’t spot it from the beach so you just have to trust in it’s existance and keep walking along the coast on the rocks, no treasure is easy to find!