Durban to Coffee Bay

By: Mike Dalager

I only spent two nights in Durban tryin to run down the coast….My newly appointed goal is to reach Cape Town by the 6th of September to join a body boarding workshop and development thingy with my friend from cape town. I grabbed some board shorts at a factory outlet store and then the best bunny chow in all of South Africa. I say this because it is pretty much a curry stuffed inside a quarter loaf of bread. Aaaaaaand Durban hosts the largest Indian population in the world outside of India. So they might know a thing or two about curry. That’s about all I did besides enjoying braai night at the hostel where I just had to bring some meat. The bread was good, the salad was good, and my “21 day lazy aged” steaks were good too; whatever that type of aging is! I took the Intercape bus down to Umtata in the Transkei area. Also learned that Intercape is called the Jesus bus by the locals and it made sense because we watched about 4 Christian message lifetime movies….blurg. But I made it 😊  To read more

coffee bay

Thanks Mike!