Mapuzi Surf Lodge

Surf and seclusion...


Surfing is a favorite for many in this area, as it is known for its world-class waves. With plenty of boards for hire, and old surf boards that have been converted into furniture, Mapuzi Surf Lodge encompasses everything you love about the surf lifestyle. Make sure to ask the owner about them, each hanging bookshelf (or board) has its own interesting story.

The lodge sits atop a hill overlooking the Mapuzi river and surrounding hills. Then a beautiful walk down through the forest and across the river that puts you right at the famous Mapuzi cliff jump! This lodge is off the beaten path and offers secluded, private lodging. It’s perfect for a couple, family, or even friends getaway!Mapuzi Surf Lodge Mapuzi

Mapuzi Surf Lodge offers guided surf tours, village tours and hikes. Surf lessons for beginners are also available. Boat trips along unspoiled rivers, evening cruises, dolphin and turtle watching, fishing trips, kayaking and Land Rover tours. Plenty of adventure for the outdoors lover and a wonderful way to spend the day!
Evenings are spent around the fire place cooking dinner, with a great prep sink outdoors right by the braai! You can find seafood everywhere from the local fishermen, always in abundance. It is also always fun to pop down to town with the shuttle for some interaction with other travelers living in various accommodations in Coffee bay.

Mapuzi Surf Lodge lodge includes two rondavels and a large tent. The main rondavel is amazingly fooling to the eye. What seems like a simple rondavel from the outside is actually a wide open floor plan with an incredibly high ceiling. This rondavel is the common area, with a couch, kitchen, desk, dining room table, WIFI and two single beds to boot! Off this is a bright tile floor bathroom with lots of natural light and HOT WATER! The sunlight shooting through the many windows makes this space enticing and a great place to wind down at the end of a perfect surf session.Mapuzi Surf Lodge Mapuzi

The second rondavel is cute and quaint, with a double and single bed, as well as more surf board furniture. The tent contains one double bed with plenty of shade to keep the tent airy. This lodge offers plenty of accommodation options. Rent one house, or all, it’s completely up to you.

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